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Creep Heart - ‘Broken Mirror’ Necklace


Inspired by the superstition that the image in the mirror contains our souls, and to break a mirror pulls the soul from your body and traps it in the shattered pieces. Interestingly, the seven years of bad luck described to follow came from the Romans, who believed that after 7 years, the body was renewed and the soul could once again become whole.

This ‘Broken Mirror’ piece has been designed by Ella as part of the No Luck, Bad Luck collection. It has been lovingly illustrated and handcrafted from printed and laser cut acrylic, and is a great way to add some detail to an outfit. The silver mirror center piece illuminates brilliantly and looks different in every light, which adds another dimension.

– Measures 68mm high, 43mm wide.
– 50cm stainless steel chain – allowing the pendant to rest centered between the collarbone and chest.
– Made from printed and laser cut acrylic (waterproof).
– Handmade in Australia.
– Artwork by Ella Mobbs.


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