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NEKO ATSUME | Plush Volume 9 Chairman Meow 6"


NEKO ATSUME | Plush Volume 9 Chairman Meow 6"


Neko Atsume is the Japanese Kitty Collector mobile phone game! Attract all sorts of cute & adorable cats to your yard with toys and food, then catch them in the act and add them to your cat book!

Chairman Meow is a rare cat in Neko Atsume. His coat looks just like army camouflage and he wears a pot like a helmet and carries a ladle with him everywhere! He loves pots, and loves the sunken fireplace - even if there are other cats already visiting, he'll make space for himself there. He's not known for being shy, so he'll push in if he has to! Add this cuddly cat to your collection today!

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